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Getting to Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Getting to the island of Isla Mujeres has never been easier. The closest airport is the Cancun International Airport. With daily flights from all around the world, Cancun is one of the most affordable destinations in Mexico to fly into. From the airport is only a short drive of approximately 30 minutes to the Ultramar Ferry at Gran Puerto (Puerto Juarez). There are many different ways to get to the ferry, although by far the cheapest and most convenient is by transfer service. We recommend to all of our clients CARM transfers as they offer great customer service. You can book your CARM transfers here:

CARM Airport Transfers. CARM offers transport services in air conditioned vehicles for group sizes of 1 to unlimited!

Ultramar Ferry (Gran Puerto)

Once at the Ultramar Ferry, you can purchase your tickets inside of the gift shop (if you haven't already purchased them in advance from CARM). It's always a better deal to purchase your round trip ticket, just make sure you keep the return ticket somewhere where it won't get lost. The ferry ride to Isla Mujeres is comfortable on the Ultramar Ferry. You can opt for air conditioning inside or the upper deck which will give you incredible views and possibly some live music depending what time of the day it is. The Ultramar Ferry takes 15-20 minutes to cross. There is also the Magana Ferry which is a smaller ferry, although slightly cheaper in price, this ferry does not offer as comfortable of a ride and also takes slightly longer. For those arriving to Isla Mujeres by vehicles, you will need to drive to the Punta Sam Ferry, this is north of the Gran Puerto Ferry dock. The Punta Sam ferry takes approximately 45 minutes to cross.

Getting to your Vacation Rental

Once on the island, with your luggage collected, you will have different options to getting to your hotel or vacation rental. Most rentals will require a taxi if pickup has not been pre-arranged. The ferry offers a taxi stand, just wait in line for the next available taxi, let them know where you are going and also set the price in advance. This avoids any surprises. For those with rentals close by, you can always lug your rolling suitcases through the streets, although bare in mind this can be somewhat challenging, or rent a pedi cab to drive it for you.

What to do on Isla Mujeres

Now that you've arrived and settled into your vacation rental, all you have to do is let the island guide you. The best vacations are those that are not too planned out, follow the flow of the Isla and you are guaranteed to have a great time. Enjoy the beaches, make new friends, eat great food and plan your next trip back while you're already here....

However, if you are looking for advice on what to do or where to eat, don't forget to check out for the complete listing of activities and events on the island of Isla Mujeres. Need advice on where to eat while here, check out Isla Mujeres Restaurants for great reviews as well as menus and prices of the restaurants on Isla Mujeres.

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